Event / 100% Design part 2

Here is the second part of 100% Design sorry it took so long for more stuff, cause I been busy with allot of project and haven't had anytime to do some blogging. Will start of from hal 2 of 100% Design because hal 1 wasn't really special only the Tonon swirl chair was special.
Here are a few honeycone like design chairs. They can be folder in a cilinder chair or expanded to be a long chair or couch. I have seen this design before on few vids on Youtube, however this is the first time I saw them in real life.
At Deltalight I saw some cool lights desgins for decoracting your office or trade fair stands, for sure I might do something like this with the lighting for some future project because they look pretty cool.
At 3form stand there were plastic squares of plastic with different materials stuck inside which gave a very special effect. I really liked these thing, however the process isn't really anything new to me because is often used to make various kind of awards. However it's still very cool as a decoration for something.
At the Wini stand there were very cool innovative office tables. Here you see a table with integrated computers that can be fold away when they are not used. Really cool to see and to play with the open en close buttons.
Here is the girl who was in published in the front of the newspaper Metro about 100% Design. She is wearing a dress with tiles on it. The tiles are made and baked in a special way that they will last for a long time and they are all scratch proof. The stand is from Maatwerktegels en they also have a special business card made from tiles too.
This is also a cool stand however not really things I would had bought for my office, cause I rather have some real plants for fresh air then some weird looking plastic trees. However that plastic dog does looks cool.
I had seen this design a while ago on the internet a really funny design of a chair. I'ts actually shaped a bit like a dog that is going to pee. And this was it for today will post the rest soon with some spectacular picture of the Van Nelle factory self and things that were placed in hall 3 and corridors.