Event / GDFB Graphic Design Museum

Here is a place you need to visit when you are in Breda a special Museum all about Graphic Design. I went there for the seminar Personality and design but not really made much pictures during the seminar because it was fairly dark and didn't want to bother people by using flash. Also I had missed the opening with the Dutch Queen opening this museum. The outside of the building there are flags placed which people could a spot to place their own flag. Too bad at the end of the week people had stolen few of the flash on the side.
We are going to look at the inside of the museum. However this looks more like art then graphic design they are pretty inspiring and also good to see different techniques.

In the middle there is a stack of posters you can actually take with you when you have visited this museum.

On the left you see a gate sign from the airport and below is a special interactive table with a touchscreen, there are very high tech and very cool. This is placed below which you can reach through the stairs on the side or the main stair in the main hall.

Here on the left you see a big room with allot of signs and allot of magnetic figures and letters on the wall which you can pull off and can paste on the signs. On the right is a wall which downloads different posters on the wall and project it on the wall.

Here on the left is a maquette or small model of a school where they sell small tiles as to companies for advertisements. The ones who buy the most tiles goes up on the walls which make a kind of competitions between certain companies who want to get higher up or have a better spot. Right there is a table with Nikes and next to it the Mac show a website of Nike.

Couldn't help myself to put my own name up on the wall. Not sure if anyone have changed it by now. But there a Mac on the side where you can write a certain name or word and that will be projected on the wall will small words building up the letters.

There are much more things inside the museum however not going to spoil it by showing everything. There are also a big collection of different stamps through all the years and names of who had designed them. And also designs of old dutch guldens which had very cool design through out the different years.