Event / GDFB studyday part 3 Studio Smack

Studio Smack made the intro video of the Graphic Design Festival Breda and they do allot of animation works. The Studio Smack group consist of 3 guys who mainly use alcohol to get any ideas, plus they often make videos for Heiniken, most of their videos are also showed at different bars.

One of the video that really cought my attention is Kapitaal which actually is a black white view of the city showing in white everything that is graphic design. And if you ever been in Breda you will notice that it's Breda it self shown in the video.

To view more of their works go to Studio Smack.nl and also preview their latest work captain Buttnose or Assnose.

For the rest of the day it wasn't really interesting looking at graffiti art at Electron and t-shirts design at Kop. On the day after was a big seminar about "Personality and design" with allot of big designers and that made it or young designers that have made it. Also walked through the brand new Graphic Design Museum.