Ironman pop-upcard

Here is a video of a pop-upcard I am currently working on just for myself, an Ironman pop-upcard. The special thing about this card is not that it just pop-up the helmet in 3d, but I wanted the helmet to move in a special way when you open en closes this card, so I wanted the helmet to flip open/close just like the one in the movie. When you open the card you first see the face of Tony Stark and then when it is fully open the card, the helmet closes up becoming the Ironman helmet.

However this still is a prototype and still need to change few things, like the shin because it's not really correct to the real helmets shape. Also I used hard mat photo paper for this, but really should just had use normal printer paper, because it's hard it does not want to fold back easily. While a mock up version trying to test if the flip open/close works was made with normal printer paper and that opens en closes perfect. Now some fine tuning and colors to finish it. When it is finished I will make a publish the template and show how to put it together.