Just somethings I came across in Rotterdam

This was very early just came back from Breda where I slept at for the night. I came across this Qmusic van parked under the Nationale Nederlanden building. However not sure if it was a special thing or just for advertisement.
This is made when I walked back from school I actually walked another way then normal, actually wanted to see if anything was happening at Unilever. I found they placed 2 of the Olympic characters in their lobby.
They sure look really cute and also humangesly big. I wonder if they would sell one of them I like the green character more then the red one though.
This I made just for all the shapes, lines and layers . But too bad I forgot to change the ISO to low and all the picture is too grainy to be good. Maybe will take a new one on another day.
This is just for cool looks of the big and high machines however need to look at the color setting cause the colors doesn't look really correct.