Review / Aquafresh iso-active

Another Aquafresh this is on the market for a while now. The basics of this package is actually same as shaving cream or gel, these two canisters contain special iso-active foaming gel which would clean your teeth's much better. And I can say my teeth's does feel much cleaner and smooth after brushing with it.

However there is a mayor flaw in this package design. The flaw it the with in the material they had use for the pushcap of this can. They used a too soft material, the straw of tube that goes down into the can wasn all dented and flattened like a chewed straw. This mainly cause a problem and the toothpaste or gel could not come out of the can anymore. The problem is cause because people pull the cap first to snap the cap loose so you would not be shooting toothpast while you don't need it. On the second bottle we just directly pushed the top and shotted out some unneeded toothpaste.

Conclusion it's a good toothpast that does it works and you sure beats a pushtube packaging. However if the straw get al jammed you can't get anything out and just wasted allot of money. Unlike a pushtube where you can squeesh out everything with no problem. On the design side it a quite good looking design very fresh with the use of the metallic color of the aluminum it self for the background. However they need to refine the design and use a stronger plastic for the tube or straw.