Event / GDFB Kijk mijn Wijk

Almost forgot to post about the volunteer work I did at the Graphic Design Festival in Breda. I volunteered to work at the "Kijk mijn Wijk" workshop where we had to guide children from the primary school to design signs for the streets they like.

We worked with vinyl stickers so it would be all messy with glue or have kids walking around with their hand glued together. It was real nice to worth with those materials also could work on my stickering skills. Too bad often the kids pasted things before I could help them making it less smooth looking with allot of trapped air. Also not sure who was the wise guy to give small children stanleyknifes to work with cause there are some kind who were doing really dangerous things with them.
The kids had to paste their design on a plastic sign with a sticker on it wit their info plus the location they want the sign to be put. The most weirdest place I heard from a child was to put it inside a coffeeshop. Those kids shouldn't know about those kind of places. However some of the kids pasted their design on the wrong side though, and was funny but also had warned them to past of the other side of the sticker.
And ofcourse it got very messy with allot of cutouts and paper on the ground at the end of the day. What really wierd are that some kids are way to mature for their age. But not sure why but for kids allot of them lack inspiration, allot just copy of the design of their neighbor. But some are really good and can become good designers.

To see what they all have made go to kijkmijnwijkbreda.nl to see the signs.

Now GDFB is finished the next one will be in 2010. Hope to see everyone there again and maybe next time to have my design there or do a speech about design.