Event / Kassel Germany

Came back today from Kassel in Germany. Really already started to miss is when I was on the train, I really want to stay much longer there. However I have planned an internship for this summer so works goes first. Will certainly plan to return to Kassel often, maybe internship there because I really love the environment, landscape, city and the people there. Here above you see the Hotel I slept. It's really high tech inside compared to what you see outside. And the view out of the window is superb, I had the room on the topfloor so could see all over the city.This was taken from my window was on the last day though should had done that on the first day when it was sunny. Before I checked in I had to journey all the way from Rotterdam to Frankfurt. I traveled with Eurolines and would be my last time really bad service and the bus traveled in a wierd loop taking must more time than it was needed. Next time I'll take the plane wich is less of a hussle and way shorter than traveling 9 hours.
Here above is a nice picture I made from the station of Frankfurt Main. Really like that station because it looks old but everything is very clean inside and looks brandnew. Also really like the light effect in this picture.
Here is path I walked to the Kunstkochschule Kassel. Later found of there are better roads though plus trams that are fairly easy to buy tickets inside the tram self.
The coolest thing I found on the school were these paper sculptures, made with the wel known 3d program Rhinoceros. It's one of the cheaper 3d programs but nowaday used by many companies. This was found inside the product design section of the school.

I never thought about using Rhinoceros to build paper art though or even packages. And this room it showed particular good information why and how to build these things. Really could under stand it clearly how it works.

I need to get Rhinoceros too haven't work with it for a while plus it is a great program for product design and most product design companies ask this as one of the needed program skills. And seem to be good to make paper designs with it. It probably work better than the most programs we get at GLR.

Still more to come need to rest for a while and get ready for my internship. Also was not on the first day that they have planned, because I was still traveling back from Kassel. And thanks to Helena, Lilly, Wei and everyone I have met in Kassel.