Linq Zonnebloem

Next to the packaging assignment we had to make a logo for a whole different things. Really wierd linked assignment this period for packaging actually. We had to redesign a logo for Linq Zonnebloem or Linq Sunflower, Linq is a website that connect children and young people to with each other that have certain handicap. The logo they had wasn't really good and had a restyling to get attentions of young people.Here above you see the sketches I made to find the right feel for the logo. At the end I have choosen the for making the Q of Linq to be a sun flower because that is most strongest letter in the word when you speak it out.
However this design doesn't show in the sketches, but also kinda does. But from what I seen when I did made the logo with a lowercase q it does not worked the way I wanted so when I changed it to the uppercase it was much better. Also made it less too techy looking then the sketches and more playfull for the youth angling each letter.