Photo / Kassel Koningsplatze

This is the Koningsplatze which is placed in the center of the busy shopping part of town. Also it is a kind of central station for the trams that rides around the city. You could actually go anywhere because all the trams crossed this place.
I actually had made an appointment to drink some coffee at the Marktplatze and said to meet at the Koningsplatze. I was bit to early so I made few pictures of the surroundings.
The coolest things was that all around this city square there were fountains placed which I could make cool pictures of. This one above I thought that would been the best but on the camera the front spray was more sharper. Should had made more to be sure of that it was sharp.
Really liked the difference in the sharpness and the view of the distance between the water.
The center is really nice and the whole week even on Sunday when the shops are closed there are still allot of people walking around sight seeing. There are also allot of big shopping centers around this place. Just really love this place cause it's just so beautiful and inspirational.


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