Photo / Orangerie Kassel

This is the Orangerie in Kassel a planitarium which use to be the building of a count. It's quite a beautiful place and also this is stated next to the Art Academy. It is actualy a great way to walk past by when you go to the Art Academy because you can take the path from the Friedrichplatze.
I still need to go into the building to see the planitarium though. Also stated in the building is a restaurant. However I haven't been here at night because I saw the website and really looks very special at night.

In front of the Orangerie building there is a big grass field and park with allot of beautifull things. I haven't walked through the whould park though which I would still like to do though. This is directly behind the school actually.
Next to the Orangerie building are beautifull flowers places. Which are very pretty.

Really want to have more time their though really want to return there soon.