Review / Fanta Grape from Japan

No, I haven't been to Japan to get this bottle, but went to a local sushi bar in Den Haag at the central train station. You might have seen this one before cause I had spotted this bottle at the Interpack too. However it cost me way more than just buying a normal Fanta bottle though.

I really like the bottle design and much more than the one we have in the Netherlands. Also the playfulness of the shapes and graphic design is much better done. Also a special element is the see through hole in the label. When the bottle is empty you can read the special text on the inside of the label. However I can't read Japanese so really not sure what it all stands for.

For the taste of the Fanta grape compared to the Dutch or European version is very different. Really noticed also in the candy Asia of Japan got a kind of very industrial taste for the grape. So in short for people in Europe to drink it it taste very awful, and Asian might like the taste much better.

Hey if anyone know if there is any Japanese toko or store in the Netherland please send the info to me. And thanks for the tip in advance.