Energy drinks

Today went short pauze to the supermarket spotted few interesting things in beverage area. I bought almost all the energy drinks that are on the shelfs. I didn't bought Red Bull cause everyone already knows them. Will review them all one by one cause they are all energy drink I won't drink them all in one they otherwise I would be overactive.

First up the Afternoon Wake-Up call V. Not sure where the V stands for but it quite simple design. I like the pixelated design and logo, kind of aiming for gamers to stay awake or get unneeded energy to play games. For the looks it is not that bad and probably had way to little advertisement to have become any hit at all. For sure it looks like it does aim for the correct group that is young people.

The taste isn't that bad but it is very different to Red Bull but also contains the energy ingredient Taurine and caffiene. But still not that healthy to drink too much and not more then 4 a day.