Idea for improving educations of academies

For the couple of years I've been studying at different schools and also have followed on some of way of education and some of the graduates of the school, and I have spotted allot of problems and things that can be improved with subtle changes or even cooperating with different schools or businesses.

Weird planning that makes students lazy
At my school I have found there are allot of odd planning which really bad planned. They might be quite normal from the teachers perspective however I found they are very frustrating and not well thought off.

If you are a fast learner and can work very fast and finish your homework way up ahead, you are the PERFECT STUDENT with allot of high grades. However I have several of occasions that the teachers blocked me from working further or even giving me warning or even lower my grades because I am working so fast or do homework. Homework is a NO NO ? Yes it really happened, because I worked on my assignment further at home and finish it sooner, and not on the very last day of the deadline I got a lower grade with great design than others with poor designs. Or that teacher hate me or is jealous of me, because I design great things in a short time or he is insane (,might be both though).

If I compare to what happens in a business, your boss would be glad you did some O.T. ( Over Time) and finishing the project earlier than later. Working further at home, really getting into the project. And he can put you faster into another project and work on that. This is one example that of weird planning, but most common on teachers who are way to strict and don't understand how business life really works. However this was a teacher who had worked in the design field before.

2nd odd planning
This one is less of the extremes but would happen on most schools or educations. You have a major project with a planning of week 3 a concepts delivery and final delivery or deadline in week 7. The problems lies in the planning in week 3 for concepts delivery or other in between meeting with the teachers to discuss the project.

Problem is that you often have to design concepts or do things until you get a meeting on week 3. If you or your team is faster done than that, you have to wait till week3 to work out the designs. An example is that we had a team project and we had to make concepts and sketches and we could only show them in week3 and not earlier and also not work out the designs till week 4. Another problem was they had to review all the concepts of all the teams on week 3 and we were the last they reviewed and the problem was that they did not like the concept and declined it and we had to start over everything on week 4. This gave us a major problem in the time and planning. So first we had way to much time and then we had way too little time to design and work out the designs.

To solve this they should actually change the rules and make it possible to review the concepts earlier. In the business life you can email concepts to your client and don't have to plan out an meeting all the time to meet each other to talk about the designs. For better planning they should actually say we want a concept done before or on week 3, and make it possible to review the concepts earlier than week 3 this makes it possible to work on a shorter planning or even get the whole concept faster done. Also have less issue of having to review too much on one day. Also the students can work on a constant flow, without any blockage.

Lack of real life simulations
What I have found allot of students or graduates lack real life situations / simulations to work until they get into the internships. This doesn't only apply to students of design academies but also to student or graduates from economics or marketing educations. They often lack the experience on outsourcing and working with or for people outside school or for companies. Cause I had worked few times for few graduating students who are finalizing there script and starting their own companies but lack allot of experience working with designers or other people.

For my school or other Art Academies I advice them to search for schools with possible future clients for the designers, like economics or marketing academies which have allot of students who want to start an own company often when they graduated. I am sure there is a possibility to have a cooperation between students to work for each other on certain projects. This would make realistic to a real life business simulations then making or designing things for a teacher who had reviewed 30 of the same designs the same day, while student from other school are seeing the concept for very first time and have a much fresh approach to them. Also they would learn to work with a designer and know how hard somethings are or how to plan out things or give feedback. And the design students learn to talk and work with clients and also get good feedback.

These kind of cooperations are great to have a more realistic simulations to prepare the students for what coming and learn them self to improve. Because often I see allot of students designers who are crap and teachers have to be nice to they wont say it, but clients or cooperating students will say it faster.

This an idea is to improve the education of different academies not just Art Academies but can be applied to others with some changes.