Photography / Water in Den Haag

Here is a set of photo's I took at the city hall in Den Haag. They have a fountain outside in the square which is a very cool sight. I wanted to catch the water is motion. However it was very cloudy that day.
Also the fountain isn't a constant flow of water flowing. They are all shooting out of the ground with various actions and different heights and lengths.
It is very hard to get very sharp pictures of and very hard even with automatic focus. I recommend to use manual with is much better and faster. However I was using a semi professional camera which doesn't have the manual focus ring on the lens, so I had to click the buttons to make it focus how I wanted. I got allot of photo's in my SD card which could delete because they are out of focus.
Would make some more of these kind of photo's, because they are very cool. But need to do it next time with better weather or maybe even with a better camera. Really want to buy a professional mirror reflex camera soon. Also then I could use burst shots to make more pictures with just one hit of the button.
However I now got a great collections of water picture I could use for different designs.