Adobe CS4 is out today!

Today the new collection of Adobe CS series is out. All with allot of innovative or improved functions with make the life easier for designers.

The new functions for Illustrator:
  • Draw multiple drawing field on a single file. Make possible to choose wich fielt to export and have all designs in a single file.
  • Transparent gradient. Finally they added this, because with the older version this was not possible and only could bypass it with making a opacity mask.
  • Improved gradients tools like flash. They also finally imported this tool from Flash wich had a much better and easier tool to edit or change gradients.
New Photoshop functions:
  • Content aware scaling, special image scaling without loosing things. It was rumored a long time that Adobe had bought this and would implement into Photoshop and they did it. Watch how it work in the next video.

  • More and better 3d functions to improve work helping designers who do game textures designs. Also handy for us packaging designers who need to color in a 3d model of a package.
  • New adjustment panel which make it easier and faster to use, normally you had to go to the image menu and then to adjustment to access list of things to adjust various things of the picture and color, brightness and more.
InDesign new features:
  • Live preflight to detect error which could occur during productions.
  • Smart guides which they copied out of Illustrator
  • The biggest thing that InDesign now works together with Flash, which sounds odd but this for making better layouts.
New Flash features:
  • 3D controls of 2D objects, now you pan, rotate and more and also include these movement in an animation. Where previously you could only code this or do smart stopmotion like changes to these objects.
  • Bones tool give you more control over your designs and animation easier and faster. Previously you have to use a kind of hierarchy to make the moments of object, now with bones its like what have been used in many 3d programs.
  • Animation control, when you ad a motion control you can now change the path easily instead of making a path guide.
New addition to the Adobe family is Flex:
With Flex you can make online web apps that can do allot of things. Flex isn't really new but there is a whole community which uses free flex SDK to built on new online web apps. And this new program actually makes it faster and easier to code or design these new apps.

To learn more or get more detailed info of the new Adobe Creative Suit 4 got to their website


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