Inspired by nature

I recently saw the website of National Geographic which have allot of interesting stuff going on. The most interesting part I am going to talk about is the Photography section of the National Geographic website. There are allot of various interesting photographs of various things from people, landscapes to animals. They are all very inspirational to look at and sometime give you ideas you might have never thought of. They also got allot of very useful tips about photography, travel and more. Visit and check it out.

TED talks

Janine Benyus: 12 sustainable design ideas from nature. A great talk and examples to learn us all about that we should get inspired by nature, even just the simple things can make a big difference. We have to learn looking differently at things, the solution can be just found in everything.

TEDTalks: Ross Lovegrove (2005), showing wonderful designs he made with inspiration of various things in nature. I also got a book with some of his design in it called Blobjects and Beyond (which I will review later).

Nature is a wonderful thing that has been around for millions of years developing different things, so they often have a solution for the problems we might have been facing. So get out into the nature and make various notes or take photographs and use them to inspire yourself for later works or others.

Credits to: National Geographic for the picture of the cowfish and to TED for uploading the wonderful speeches of bright minds to Youtube.