Inspired / Origami programs

Just when the summer started I went to Kassel Kunsthochschule en you might had seen there were few paper sculptures between the post. At the Kunsthochschule there a product design section with few student who had been working on Rhinoscript, which are plug-ins for the 3d CAD program Rhinoceros. Rhinoceros is a well know 3D Nurbs modeling program and also a needed 3d program to design various products. Also to apply as a Industrial designer at some companies they ask for this, like at Phillips.

The plug-ins they made for Rhinoceros made it possible to design origami. These designs will automatically produce a pattern which you can print out and fold. Watch the video below to see how it works.

If you want to download the plug-in or learn more how to make these things, go to their website

Another great origami program is one from Robert Lang who is the origami man. His program is called Treemaker, however I haven't really figured it out how it work yet. But you can download Treemaker free from his website at

Watch his speech on TED talk and also see a little bit how the program works.

Credits to: Rhinoscript and Robert Lang


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yup that is nice to see my work mentioned. but it would be even nicer to get the credits...

oh i am ivo btw.