Review / Blobjects and beyond

Editorial review -Published in conjunction with a major exhibition at the San Jose Museum of Art, Blobjects and Beyond is the first comprehensive survey of the new fluidity in contemporary design. Whether hard or soft, cheerful or sinister, practical or conceptual, blobjects represent a decisive turn away from the hard edges and angles of conventional modernism. From the iconic iMac to Karim Rashid's evocative plastics to the ergonomic computer mouse, blobjects are the defining objects of our time, molding our visual vocabulary for years to come. Blobjects and Beyond is a celebration of the global explosion of amorphic, organic, and curvaceous design. My review - When I first saw it in the shelf it caught my eyes cause of the special cover, using lenticulars to get a kind of water wave effect onto the cover. Another thing is that I have been working on way to much hard edge designs for packaging and very little done with round corners. However I don't like blobject logo's but they are a big trend at the moment in the Netherlands. Inside this book are allot of examples of different things that designed with blobjects, actually everything though, so I wont be summing up the list of what you can design with it. It is a great book to inspire you to try designing thing more out of the box and try to mimic the shapes of the nature. However I am not sure if this is for sale anymore because I saw allot of website that says it is out of stock, but luckly I have got a copy on my own book shelf. You might see me making some kind of close to blobject packaging or implementing it cause it is really cool compared to plat and hard edged designs.

By Steven Skov Holt and Mara Holt Skov
With essays by Phil Patton and Bruce Sterling

7-1/2 x 9-1/2 in; 248 pp ; 160 color images
Published in June, 2005
ISBN 0811847659
ISBN13 9780811847650