Review / Fanta mini bottle

This first product photo I took with my new 1000D also really easy to get the background blurred and really extreme big picture with 10 mega pixels instead of my Z5 with just 5 mega pixels. Now back to the topic, mini Fanta bottle. This bottle have been on the market for a while though and isn't particulary very new. However it was pretty odd to drink out of this bottle cause by the round shape, just have to think of a breast uhum...

However this is a great idea to kind of replace cans with just a smaller bottle. However they might need to re-think the shape of this one abit. The new logo of Fanta in growing on me a bit the more I look at it I the better it gets.

Also I think with this bottle there are allot of DIY possibilities to make something usefull out of it or something funny or even some art. But really this shape feels very odd when you drink out of it, really get the wrong ideas in my head with this one.