Review / Fontstruct

Here is an online web program I recently found called Fontstruct. On the first hand when you had signed up you think it is a pixel font program, however there are many shapes you can choose from plus on these shapes glues can glue themselves to each other to become a True type font face. However to make really graphical special fonts you either stick with pixel fonts or you have to change the bricks that builds up the font each time. Another way is to use the round circle brick and open the advance tab to acces the filter where you can change the size of the bricks to overlap eachother, this way you can draw it much smoother like a normal line.

However I would rather had a more normal vector program to draw the fonts then to build them up from several bricks. However this is a great way to make simple fonts or if you got way too much time to build up fonts with them. The use of this program is totally free and you can download fonts that others designed. It is a great free font design program and hope that they would ad a vector pen feature in the future, cause this could be a great competition against commercial font programs that cost you allot of money. Also this could save you some disc space on your hard drive because you don't have to install anything to use it. Just sign up and construct it in side your web browser.

So if you want to design you own font for free go to