Review / Rodeo Regular

Looks like a company had been reading my blog, if you don't know what I am taking about look a this link. I was on the hunt again the supermarket and what I now spotted was a red version of the new Rodeo styling, the previous blue one was sugerfree, but now they had added a regular version with a red rope instead of blue. Really love this design and the major improvement of the old design, but still they had used too much space for the text as you see about both side you can see text and it is not possible to look at the can without seeing the info text.

The taste still is Red Bull , but as the design I think this one looks much better then the Red Bull design. It looks much expensive and a much higher class then Red Bull while before the old can looks to be the cheapest of the whole range. This is the best rebranding I have seen this year. Really 3 thumbs up :P.