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New Breeds of students,graduates

In the coming years there are new breeds of designers and students from different markets. At the moment there are allot of companies that have to hire an outside source for certain work they self can't do. Like a graphic designer doesn't know every program but just the one he learn to do most Desktop publishing things like Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign, they often hire and outside source for other things.

At the moment students are graduating younger and younger. Allot of them do a pre-academy education and latter do the academy or some even do multiple academies or universities. In the future we will also see certain educations that are combined with each other, like the one I am learning at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam. I am learning Graphic Design with specifications about Packaging design. However I am also a very odd breed of a designer.

I had a very big hobby in modding a game called GP500 and learn quite allot of texturing and 3d skills, then also went to police academy, a industrial design school and then what I am now doing. This a very odd case but this all in my advantage that I had learn so many things that made me into the designer I am right now.

In the future will be breeds of students that have more in them and can do more then just one things from a certain education. One I would really want to see is a Trendwatcher combined with marketing and economy, this is a very powerful combination who sure know how to play the markets. Industrial designer with Graphic design ( which is close to what I am) which can design not only the product but also graphics on them and more.

Also these students are getting the upper hand on getting job or performance compared to the ones who just learn one single direction. Also companies are noticing these things and ask for more if it is possible. In the end the companies will also become new breeds.

New breeds of companies

At the moment I am noticing that some of the design companies are beginning to change too. Most packaging design companies that are now instead of hiring other companies are trying to do in house graphic designs too, most of the normal packaging designers are all really technical industrial designers who don't know the graphic design parts. They often need to hire someone else to design these things. And instead of outsourcing to have them in their own company.

How ever in the design would outsourcing will always happen because allot of designers often aim on a single direction and often also like to work or start an own company instead of working in teams.

Advice for designers or students

Try to learn as much as possible so you have to outsource less and less and don't have to depend on other designers. This tip is very important because depending on others sometimes isn't a well experience especially if you don't know their level.
If you learn more you will have a wider range on things to offer your boss or clients, this make you to be worth more then anyone else.