Trends / Trends of multitasking

I am starting on displaying some of the upcoming trends which are happening or might happen in the future. This will be a new section on my blog to show everyone a different view of the world. At the moment people are just following simple trend set by major companies who have spent allot of money to market them well. While on the side there are allot of things happening.

People like to multi task and do several things in a single moment. This is just a thing to enjoy or enhance the experience of a certain moment. Or they are just way to busy and have to do this. Will talk about few thing of multitasking and also few odd things consumers are doing at the moment.

Multi touch / task

At the moment there are allot of things happening already that lead to multitasking. First thing is are the upcoming multi touchscreen computers, these computers will make it possible to move around inside the computer using two hands. There are tables sold and made at the moment with these possibilities. And the future people are really going to be two handed and not just right or left.

At the moment the multi touch on the touchscreen computers are really important. The latest touchscreen computer is the HP Touchsmart which actually don't have multi touch build into it. And also do weird things if you touch the screen with more than one finger. Also just the multi touch feature is a more natural feeling and also speed ups the process and makes it possible to do more things in a single moment.

You might have seen this TED video of Jeff Han on multi touch and you all know that iPhone already have this. But the coming months computers are really going to follow this up cause the part for this aren't that expensive to produce these results. And first up I am sure of would be Apple, to set the trend where the other companies would follow.

An oddity in multitasking

At the moment there are some very odd things happening. Allot of people have a mobile phone which can do everything store music, watch videos, store data and more. But on the side they also have an iPod or mp3 player and usb memory sticks, while your mobile phone can provide the same things as the others.

You can easily connect you phone to your PC or laptop and store your data on to your phone also while you phone charges while it is plugged. And also you can nowadays play all sorts of media through your phone and listen music. So why are people all doing these weird things, from their point of view even I don't understand but got to do with multi tasking.
People are afraid that someone would call them while using the phone for something else. Some people would like to have listening to music in one ear while talking with someone on the phone with the other ear. Some just don't want to plug and unplug to call.

First of all your phone can do all things with no problems if someone calls you. If you don't want to plug and unplug you can use Bluetooth to connect with your computer. Nowadays every new computer that are sold have Bluetooth build in them, but someone nobody really use it to their full advantage. Maybe for a Bluetooth mouse and sending ringtones around to their friends.

People just want to have the possibility to do more things in one single moment and thats why they have multiple devices. However if the developers looks bit more on this issue making them possible to do more things in one time will have a super product.

Idea / Phoning while listening to music

One thing I haven't found and not sure if this feature exist or not, is when someone is calling you and you have a double ear headset on that one still plays music while the other pick up the phone call. If you get bothered by the music you could just get that ear piece out, but I do think there are allot of people who still have one ear with listening to their mp3 player while talking to someone on the phone with the other ear. Might be some feature for the iPhone and not the hard to setup I suppose. Shouldn't be hard to make a simple iPhone apps for this.