Aloe Vera beverage trends

In some countries these are not very new nor is it in Holland. In the Dutch supermarket there have been 1 brand that tried to sell it in the Dutch supermarkets. However the problem is that it isn't promoted that well.

In the Netherlands it has to beat other kinds of healthy juices, however this in the Dutch supermarket is place between the normal beverages and not between special health juice that are place on a whole different part of the store. But this view is from a Chinese Toko place in a cooler next to different beverages including beer.

But this post is bit on promoting Aloe Vera, most people know Aloe Vera is one of the ingredients in shampoo or special cremes to make you have healthy skin or hair. But it is also eatable and so that when now there are beverages made that would make you healthy by just drinking it. However you might say does it taste good, actually it taste fine and very great mixes too. However you need to like to have bit and pieces in your drink though. But for the taste there are allot of great mixes with other fruits and very drinkable.

The Aloe Vera is cut in pieces and floats inside the drink. Also need to look out because Aloe vera might be good for your health and mainly improve your skin, but also people are allergic to it. So make sure if you are allergic to this plant or not.

But this trend is going to set a new brand of health drinks. Mainly normal health drinks are allot of fruit or vegetable mix, but now will see special healthy ingredients you find in creme or other things be but into drinks to improve your health. I already have seen it in Belgium and Germany with the Coca Cola Light plus adding stuff to it so its more healthy. It would not surprise me if they suddenly have a Coca Cola Light plus Aloe Vera. So if you know a great healthy ingredient mix it up with some great tasting beverages, and you got yourself a winner. Also don't forget to let someone do the professional design and promotion.

The design of the bottles of the Aloe Vero are bit odd because all of them have the same or close to the same bottle, seem they all bought they PET bottle from the same manufacturor, while they are all from different brands. Also the labels are very awefull, they are either China designer or Korean, because those countries are the origin of these drinks. Actually if I ever got time to do a design I would like to redesign one and show how they could have a much better look that do attract costumers, because now they looks just too cheap to be good for your health.

Also not forget use a test group that get the taste correct. Because Sixgrams drink I review they had everything done great, be sponsor of a major event to get attention, great packaging, but most awful taste ever imagine. So make sure the tast is good and drankable and not just go from your chemist that everything is a ok. If it taste like crap it won't sell even though the rest is great.


Anonymous said…
I've been looking for this beverage every since i tried it in New Jersey. A friend of a friend,who is Korean let us try it. and i just fell in love with it. Didn't bring a bottle back,but wish i had..=( do you know where to get this drink.I live in california.
Chung Dha said…
Search for any Chinese TOKO, Stores or Chinese supermarkets. They all sell it except the restaurants.

I searched some info for you seem there is a huge Asian American supermarket that is called 99 Ranch supermarket which import allot of Asian products they might have it and there are allot of these supermarkets in California.