Curved foldings test

Here a test I just did with my old business cards, because really didn't had any purpose to them anymore, so I did some curved fold test on them. I tried various folds and actually am understanding them. Really need to look at how it is possible to calculate this because I think I almost crack the code of these folds. However I know how to make the fold but I still don't know how to make the fold with the correct size and shape for a certain product, so at the moment I need to do allot of faults and errors to get to the correct one instead of using certain calculation to get there.

What is interesting is actually all the fold still make it possible to have a squared flat base and top. However the curved effect both side from the edge, so it is not possible to have one surface to be flat while the other is curved. But it is possible to have curves that goes into a straight to have a partial curve instead of one going all the way.A simple thing to understand is then when one side it bended inwards the other is bended outwards. So the example here about you see the side is bended outwards so the front has faces bended inwards.

These two are actually folds that are in use for certain packages. These are fairly easiest folds and great thought and use for them. The left one is now developed to use for pack different push tubes because this fold have a flat top and a squared surface which can fit in a tube perfectly. The right one is used on allot of beverage packages because this design make the shape more rounder and easier to hold.

Also I tested out other thickness of paper and found the some of the same fold and same size of folds on a 300 gram paper isn't possible because the paper is to hard to curve these size of curves, but these small curved are possible on paper around 180 grams. So if the cardboard is thicker then 300 then bigger curves should be applied. Also need to see what happens on corrugated cardboard which I think maybe hard to handle but are good and strong to make great packages. These fold are great learning curve for me because I am actually learning this my self without any help from anyone else.


Anonymous said…
Is it possible for you to show how to do this, I think it looks interesting