DDW Klokgebouw / Event

The Young At Heart event was held in the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven and there were also a kind of small fair with allot of design companies. Klokgebouw is an old Philips building and inside the the whole Philips aread in Eindhoven.
Outside the building are special design toilets places with special sticker design pasted on them.
When entering the building you directly see an art piece with anamorphosis of a square cast over the hallway. However it isn't really that well done because I couldn't get it perfect alligned. In hall wasn't allot of special things displayed, but there is a bar and could sit down and relax there.
The most interesting company there is Ventika however they are still in a beta state, the company has idea to have pitches place by companies to innovative concepts to improve a certain product or anything else. The pitches will be contest where every one can compete with and also will be measured how good you are, so that companies can filter on the designers levels. Check out Ventika.com and try to get in with a small survey.
Shapeways were also there showing the printed product they had printed and also allot art made by with their 3d printers. However they didn't show how they printed because they didn't have energy on their stand.
They showed allot of design plus few where they show different lods with low poly to high poly of the designs.
The prints can have moving parts also parts that hard oddly connected inside each other a way you have to work very hard to make it. But now with 3d printing allot is possible and great to have fast and small prototypes to show on first hand how somethings works.
There are more thins displayed there but if you want to know just go there yourself. The building is close to a train station but you could also go to all the places with one of these Design Rides which cost only 1,50 euro per ride and go to every places in Eindhoven.