Found a supermarket test store!?!

Today been to a small town called Vlaardingen which is stated next to the town I live and I actually planning to get a lamp for a small side project, which go to do with origami and packaging but now back on topic. I went to the shopping center and found the lamp store was close before the closing time. So that was a bummer, however I went further to a well know Dutch supermarket of the Ahold group, called Albert Heijn and particulary found the whole store is totally different to other ones. Could be that this is a test store trying out new products, new carts, plus new layouts and also new shelves.

I found this store had allot of American imports between the shelves while last time I check my local Albert Heijn there were only a few. Will post some of the product I found there and also was already aticipating American import because the products are cheap to buy.