Macropak / KOMPAK stand

In hall 1 there is a stand of KOMPAK a packaging company that is stated in Bavel Breda and Tilburg. This company work together with different companies and really have very nice packaging places on their stand.
Also they do and work with innovative packaging and had several design which are in the works displayed and also some crude version without prints.

Left you see a the new juice box of the fruit juice Tropicana. If you read some of my reviews you will notice it looks allot like a milk package by Albert Heijn. And a trend that is coming soon is allot of cleaning liquids or other liquids are being packaged in sacks instead of bottles. The much thinner material give less garbage plus is less weight and more product to transport.
A tip I got from them is to look at Edelmann a German packaging design company that does allot of packaging design with curved folds. However the website doesn't really show allot but still could consider them as a possible intership.