New Vita Lemon Tea packaging / Review

Today went by a Chinese Toko / supermarket in Rotterdam and saw this bottle. Really finally they made it into a bottle, they normally are sold in cardboard drinkpack. However still missing the big 1liter bottles, but this is a major improvement though. Because those drinkpack looks very childish for a grown up to drink out of.

I love the simplistic look they always had used, but the logo in red looks quite well done in written Chinese and normal English Vita. But the Lemon Tea part on the label written in English is doable but the written in Chinese it is quite awful.

The taste is great I really love this taste also they got the best Soya milk drink and chrysanthemum tea, but didn't saw those yet. Can't wait to buy a six pack of this drink, however the price should get lowered though, if a smart company mass produce it in Europe instead of importing it all the way from China.