Overpacked glue packaging / review

Had my eye on this packaging a while, the old one is had wasn't that bad. But some smart ass change it and make it into this giant box. In this box could fit 4 of that aluminum cylinder with a small bottle of glue. They are actually deceiving the costumers with this, because you expect the box is filled with glue but you end up with such very small bottle. You are actually buying more packaging then glue plus you are actually carrying allot of air inside that box. While they could actually just sell this product without the extra box around it. Or just sell a bigger bottle or with more in the box.

However I don't if there are any Dutch instances that could do anything about these problems over overpacking things. Will do more of these reviews about over packaging because its really a big issue ,not really environmentally friendly and also deceive costumers thinking they are buying allot while it is less. And most of them are unneeded packaging just to make the product special or notice more while actually the package is not needed.