Review / RockSt*R

Have been drinking way too much taurine drink the couple of days not going to do reviews about those drinks anymore when it is not just one. An American Taurine drink all the way from Las Vegas, Rockst*r. First of all I find the concept good, its all about the busy life of a rockstar and need some energy to survive. However on the design side it quite sucks. The use of gold colors metal cans is cool and give it a bit of bling, however the design of the graphics is nothing close to rockstardom. Actually is cheap looking then very stylish and fitting for a Rockstar, that want most exclusive and expensive stuff. I find the Rodeo more stylish enough or a rockstar then this. Actually the top header with the ingredients looks bit like a beer like design and not very stylish looking.
The taste of both are not that bad actually, and quite drinkable and I find it better than the taste of Red Bull. But the 500ml compared to 250ml is bit extreme, really getting high blood pressure from them. Would had rather settled with a bottle that I could re-close then a can of 500ml. Also they used a bigger opening of the can mouth then normal European cans and actually helps drinking away faster because it comes out much faster too.
Yet another American drink that gone to Europe however the design isn't all that compared to what it wants to stand for. Actually they should leave out the star with the RR because that part looks really bad. Not quite a good looking illustration of a logo. Just the Rockst*r energy drink it self is much better and cleaner looking than the star. For a company that sponsors allot of people and got a great looking website the design of the logo and cans are quite bad compared to most American beverages I know.

However I can't wait to get the other beverages that are available in America like Monster or Full Throttle, I really want to try those and really like the design of them. Maybe I should go to America instead of waiting for them to get here.