Syntens sustainable innovations

Wednesday I went to Syntens seminar about sustainable innovations and mainly allot about Cradle to Cradle. There were few companies that came to show examples how they improved their environmental footprint by innovating with in their company or products.
The most important speech I found was from Wubbo Ockels, who was an Dutch astronaut and not is a professor at the TU Delft developing many things with different students. He is on the works of a super bus and literally called SuperBus.

Also were more speakers and also someone from the government. However that person was pretty fast under attack because really allot people think allot of things are the fault of the government or that they do far to little to help sustainable innovations.

After all the speeches there was Q&A round and mostly the talks about rules and government got really fired up. After there there was a link and hook event for people to talk about certain subject to learn from each other things and get linked and hooked with each other and allot of exchange of business cards.