Bruce Lee's kung fu ping pong / Inspired

At the moment in China there is a special Nokia phone edition specially for Bruce Lee. And today is 11/27 the birthday of Bruce Lee so I hope to contribute a bit one this matter, cause I am also a huge fan of him and play with nunchuck between designing to train my wrist so I don't get RSI. The special phone Nokia is selling included a Bruce Lee action figure, nunchuck phone cord and a etched phone cover with the likes of Bruce Lee on it. For more info about this special offer go to
The coolest part of the promotion are the commercial they are showing including Bruce Lee showing his other talents beside kung fu and using his nunchuck for other purposes.

Here is Bruce Lee beating 2 guy in a game of ping pong with his nunchucks.

2nd ad lightning matches with his nunchuck.

This vid is not an ad but a music video by LMF with partial part with the voice of Bruce Lee mixed in it. Really like this band they are the best in Chinese rap to bad they stopped.

Here is a screentest for Greenhornet. I really love the interview he gave, allot of cool wise words.

This is very interesting interview really love it always watch it back. Allot of cool wise words.

Bruce Lee will be in my heart forever and be inspired by him. He is for sure the best Chinese actor and martial artist ever existed.