Gesture Control / Inspired

Over pass few years there are not countless new touch screen design but this is actually new witch actually no touching. It is actually think best inspired by the Plastation eye toy webcam to control the game, but not control your computer. With a software that recognizes your hand gesture and can be used for gaming and more. However I am not sure if designers would use it because you have to be very accurate with the movement. But from the looks it does beats the Wii controller I think, so who know which game console will be first to take this idea and use it, probably Plastation because they already use webcam base games. Watch the vid how it works or go to their website.

The best thing is your screen won't get dirty like on a touchscreen, where you find allot of greasy finger prints on. I want to see this on a laptop with a built in webcam. Also should be very interesting for 3d designers and to view 3d models.