Innovative Materials / Inspired

This is a very interesting presentation held at TED with Keith Schacht & Zach Kaplan about new inventions with very innovative new materials. And I am also very interested into these materials and also really want to know if there are places that shows these new invented materials. Keith Schacht and Zach Kaplan are actually from Inventables that collect different data of all kind of innovative materials, you buy special items or login to get the informations about all these things. They also were featured on the Discovery Channel program Prototype his and also show the display you can order and see what kind of materials there is and learn where you can use it for, check out this vid for the info.

Another company that does the same is Material Works and you can also order the material to use for any designs from them. However Material Works have on their website a whole database of the material and you can access it for free.

However all these materials are very innovative however you don't know if they are also sustainable. But there is also a website called Ecolect where you van find various sustainable materials. They are not only for packaging but also architectural designs and everything else. Check out their blog for news about new sustainable materials.