Snack A Jack Chocolate Chip / Review

This is a chocolate rice cracker of Snack a Jack which has allot of different snacks with rice crackers. However this one is particular one of the least bought. First it looks very bad and totally not delicious looking at all. I wouldn't recommend anyone to take a macro shot of this cracker and look at it, because it looks allot like crap. The look of the cracker is very much a big turn off.

The taste of it is very much like a very know chocolate cereal however, the chocolate taste isn't that really strong. And the chocolate chips does not taste as real chocolate nor look like real chocolate, the chips are very light brownish color and not a normal chocolate color like that chocolate bar of the package.

From the design side is is a good packaging, however it got two bags for it one inner which is sealed so it is airtight and last longer and outer bag with the prints and info. However not sure if it is possible just to have one bag instead of two though. Not really have anything to say about the graphics because it is done by a good packaging design company.

From the taste not really recommendable and wont be buying another bag though. This is particular one of the worst chocolate product. However it is not due to the mix of chocolate and a rice cracker because I had eaten that combination before, but that one was with better chocolate and more like a rice cracker dipped in chocolate. I do recommend to try out chocolate fondue to test out some chocolate mixes. A tip for the other contestants of the SCA packaging challenge.