Zero Zero 7 / Review

Here are two special edition of Coca Cola Zero beverage, for the new James Bond movie Quantum of Solace. They done a special and made a very cool name Zero Zero 7, however normally you say double O 7 en not Zero Zero 7. However one things I really don't like is the ugly yellow banner about a exclusive price you can win, I see something done less extreme that does not conflict with the overall design.

Somehow the bottle design really lacks the looks over the can. Might be because the label is that very small. However from the special edition I saw on the Dieline that are currectly only available at Harolds in the UK and the one in the commercial look way better then this bottle they are currently selling in the Dutch supermarkets.
While the design of the can looks very awesome, only the yellow banner on top just really bad. But still the overall design still does it very well. If I was in the creative time about adding the price contest banner I would not had choose it to be Yellow. Would choose it to have the same color as the rest of the design. Would had worked I think if the yellow was black with white text, or ever a red banner. Also might had even made it less money spent to ad that yellow ink, because really it is the only part of the can they use yellow. But will be keeping the can because it looks very cool and inspires me.

Another special thing the contest is about a code that can be found under the tab, really is first time I saw this. Mostly have been allot of cans contest to collect as much tabs and send in to win. But this makes it possible to have the contest to be with both bottle packaging and the can. To enter the code for the people living in the Netherlands you have to go to I already submitted one code and only gotten prize to download wallpapers and to download a widget you can place on your website. But the Jackpot is a all round James Bond experience with allot of cool stuff, like riding in a expensive car and stuff, so fill in the code and see if you could hit the jackpot.