Browser Chat / Trend

I recently found a great way to chat over the browser. Normally you have things like a guestbook, comment area and shout boxes, the main problem with those are they are often not real time and you can not see if anyone else is online.The chat I found is called Gabbly it is actually not very new at all and has been around for several years, only it has not picked up by the masses. So what is that great about having a chat hovering over your website? The great thing is that it is not embedded into your website at all. The only thing you need to do to acces this chat is to type of a site, and you will acces that chat of that site and that page. So you can acces chat of all websites and see if there is anyone else around in that chat.

For the future I do see this to be a great hit if this would have been better promoted. At the moment there are not really that much activity on it but I think this is something one of the browsers should look at, either Mozilla or Chrome. However Mozilla got a plugin for Gabbly. Cause if you can directly chat with people on the same website you can talk with them about the products or what they think of something in a more real time manor. With this it could help you to find maybe better website or shops online, or better review and talks why to choose something or not and you can get in contact with people you might have never talked to. Now you can talk with them, and maybe become friends just because you met them the same moment on the same website.

If you want to check it out on my website you can go click here to open the chat. You should also register your name so others can not use it, also you can some how earn money but I am not sure where it is. But for sure need to see what happens with Gabbly in future.