Criss cross fold / Papercraft

This interesting shape is totally made by accident when I was searching for a fold for a cross sections. However this looks interesting and might be usefull but actually got bit too much folds and also, I needed one with more squared shapes of each 4 sections. But this looks interesting to make a tesselation art with multiple of these on a single piece of paper.
This one is more like what I am searching for however still isn't really that easy to fold though especially if you have seen how it looks like from the bottom. This shape looks very impossible when you look at, but it is not cut in any way but only folded to this shape making is possible to have a enclosed shape possible for sealed packaging.

Eventually I found the fold I needed actually was pretty much the first fold I wanted but wanted to see into other possibilities first, but I am not displaying that fold because I am using it for a contest. I am sure there more folds that could be place in a middle of a crossing section though. I will be using these kind of folds for packaging though and also will search for more, next step is to search for one that is in the middle of more sections then 4.