Fire fighters Deja Vu? / Photography

About a year ago I also made a photography set of Fire Fighters that was came to stop a fire close to my home. Ok this time it is not in my building though but about the same time of year. However this time I have a better camera plus also got a shot of the fire.
I made this with holding the camera and not using a tripod had to be quick because the firefighters were about to extinguish the fire. I have a couple of good shots even though my lens got not IS and I have it all the way zoomed in.
By the time I came back with the tripod the fire was already extinguish very fast. Only just a bit of smoke and see how the firefighters are checking the car. I had to use very slow shutter speed to get good lighting because it is night.
From what I see I think the fire started from the back side might even be cause by someone playing too early with fireworks because I heard some fireworks before I heard the siren. Here you see a cool effect made by the fire truck that was leaving. For more shots go to my Flickr account.