Food coloring Sportlife Go Energy / review

For fun I tried looking at the E-number which is in Europe mostly things with hard to spell or long named stuff they can shorten with an E-number however some uses the number to hide what kind or ingredients they are using in their products. And for most of them are most natural product which I have no problems with. But for the food coloring inside this Sportlife Chewing gum I get few I don't like.

E171 Titanium Dioxide
For the white part they uses the code E171 which is Titanium Dioxide, and dioxide or oxide means rust. So actually you are swallowing Titanium rust for a less fancy name. And it is use to make the chewing gum more whiter, I think this does not need to be used at all. However this white is not that major compared to the next to colors which make up the blue of the Shock Mint and the Red of the Bitter Sweet.

E133 Brilliant Blue FCF
Brilliant Blue FCF which is the commercial name of this food coloring ingredients for the Shock Mint Go Energy Chewing gum. It is a total synthetic color dye made from coal tar. This food coloring has been banned from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland, however some says it been unbanned but some say still banned. This coloring has an allergic value and is not recommended for children, really smart making a chewing gum with something that is not recommended for children to eat.

E120 Carmine
This is probably the most controversial food coloring there is. Carmine it the food coloring that cause the red side of the Bitter Sweet Go Energy Chewing gum, this red comes not from any fruit or vegetables. Normally you might think the red is from a tomato or carrot which most use those food colorings, but Carmine is a whole different thing. Carmine is actually made out of bugs / insects, they are dried and crushed and used for food coloring. Also these insects are parasite types which leeches of cactus plants and are farmed on cactus plants. Also there are people that are allergic to carmine and its also use to be a living being to people with belief of vegans and vegetarians should not eat it. And also you are eating insects without you knowing it. I think it should have said Ingredient contain food coloring insect carmine cochineal. I want to choose if I want to eat an insect or not.

For future notice I will be adding E-numbers check for the other food reviews to show if there are odd ingredients we should know about. Because some are really hiding things we should actually know about. Or even see if we could check and see if product are using illegal banned ingredients. So if you think some E-numbers on a product looks suspicious check them out to be sure what you are eating.