Maneki Neko, lucky cat / Photography

I find it is interesting to have some sort of superstition, everyone has it actually even though some does not notice it. The most famous one is probably of Valentino Rossi who bend for a few seconds next to his bike and then get on it. However I like this small statue for my superstition that it might help a little for giving me luck. Actually this lucky cat is very famous and you can actually find it in allot of Asian companies for giving them wealth or luck. However some might think it is Chinese because allot of Chinese stores and restaurants got it, but actually it is Japanese and you can see it very well on this one, it is hold a drum with a small Daruma doll on it. This is another Japanese religion where you can buy this doll and paint the right eye and make a wish with it. However this one already got it prepainted though. Also this statue is just a nice decoration plus I put all my loose change in it.
I've once got hold of a whistle tune while playing volley ball and somehow managed when I whistle it before I served the ball would land just between the opponents and scored a point just by serving, however after few serves I forgot the tune. Now wish I had recorded it, because it might help me with other things. I think having a certain superstition is good if it can help you to be better, even though if you forgot to do it and harm you when that happens. But mainly you don't forget it when it does helps you daily to be better and have better results in doing things. However I do believe in superstitions can help you mentally, but it has totally nothing to do with any religions or something controlled by any gods.
Actually made these picture with a rather different scene setup then normal to get a total white background. Normally I put just a white sheet behind the product to get the white background and use allot of lighting. But I have light box which I normally use as one light source but now I am using it as the background, and use my flash to light up the front. It actually works quite well and has totally no odd shadows I need remove. Also I placed a transparent plastic canister under it is which does not show because it it so transparent. It is a great setup for non transparent product, will for keep this setup in mind for other product photography projects.