See through Chrome Businesscard

See through cards
This is the chrome see through business card that I have made few months back only just a handful of people had received this card. When you receive it, you see it is totally chrome and no info on it then I show them the info by holding it against the light and then they see the info. In dark place you could also just use the backlight of your phone to show the information hidden with in the card.

Am not going produce it for any other company because it was a pain in the *** to put it together. However will do some more research of it and keep searching special materials that could be useful for either business card design or packaging design. Also got a lead to an other same kind of material which has a better transparency but also much stronger mirror effect. Soon will see a V2 of this card.


rahul said…
could you design the Anibizcards for our company ?