Sportlife Go Energy / Review

Sportlife Go Energy is actually special made for the Olympic and actually founded in the Netherlands, it was a special request by the Dutch NOC*NSF in 2006 for a legal performance enhancer. And it was specially given to the Athlete during the 2008 China Olympic games. And after the games were done, it is now open for the consumers market but now with a bit less caffeine as Sportlife said with less caffeine the taste comes out better. The chewing gums contain 23mg of caffeine per gum, opposed to the original of 44mg. The idea is that with this chewing gum you can absorb the caffeine faster and with in 5 minutes be in your blood system. Comparing the caffeine levels a normal cup of coffee is 85mg, that means eating 4 gums you have just a bit more than one cup.

However this energy chewing gum idea is not that new I already encountered some before but of unknown or cheap chewing gum brands. But those are less tasty though and have a bit off odd Red Bull version of chewing gum mixed with mint, really nasty tasting. However these taste rather well also no odd taste from the caffeine or guarana.
The Go Engergy are a chewing gum strip packaging and contains 8 gums per pack. They used black for overal more sporty look and also they turned the design 90 degrees opposed to the standard horizontal graphics they use for the normal Sportlife chewing gum. I really love the graphic design totally nothing to about it just great clean graphics and good design. Only thing is where they have printed the black gradients feels odd and not smooth, seem like they have not chosen best print method for this or the ones I got they forgot to ad final spot UV over everything to make it all smooth, or they printed it in the wrong order, or wrong black ink, because the blue and red gradient does feel smooth.
The backside is great I like the black back of the gum strip. Designwise I think it's the best looking chewing gum package out there. Nice clean design with not too much fuzz on it and allot of open breathing space, not cramped full with unneeded info like others.
Another thing which I donno if they could do different are the chewing gums, the shape is fine love the fast forward icon on it, but the speckles on the colored side looks nothing like on the packaging plus they looks like bacteria on a laboratory dish. It's just a big turn off when you look at the speckles, rather have it covered over by the white without showing the blue if that would be possible. Also the chewing gum are randomly packed it has totally no special order that they are packed in a strip they are all different places.
Here you can see only two white sides up, would been cool if they manages to have and computer running that could place top blue on all or have one row in one color and one row the other.

There are only two flavors for this Sportlife Go Energy and they are called Shock Mint and Bitter Sweet. Shock Mint is not that special it just mint and plain as other mints flavors. It is not bad and taste not caffeine or guarana at all just mint.

But the bitter sweet flavor taste like ( not sure what they are called) those pink yellow lollipops which are made out of a condensed powder, a very old lollipop also a foam candy version of it also yellow pink. This bitter sweet flavor is great I really love this taste but because this is a energy chewing gum I need to watch out not too eat way too much of it otherwise I get much too hyper. Actually really do feel it works and get hyper cause of it more than from drinking coffee, it actually kicks in rather fast much faster than any other sports drink or energy bars. For more infor about the Sportlife Go Energy visit their website.

Just remind me of a French song by Oldelaf about Coffee.

Just look out that you don't eat too much of these Sportlife Go Energy in one time. And just use it only when it is needed with sports or when you are tired or got allot of things to do, otherwise you might end up like the guy in the clip.

Credits to: Oldelaf for the clip and song and Sportlife for making this gum.


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