Aquafresh chewing gum / Review

Probably the most forgotten chewing gum ever existed, this chewing gum from a well know tooth care brand have been around for several years but you don't see it very much. Actually this is not a bad chewing gum it works well for your teeths and also taste good, the packaging is also very special with an easy way to open and close and shake out the chewing gum. The big thing this chewing gum is not getting into the limelight like the others is that it is places in the wrong places in the supermarkets and stores. If you all agree this chewing gum is a candy product which you use like other chewing gum to control over a fresh minty breath and just to get chewing on something.

The major problem is that they are selling it not between the other chewing gums but the product is placed between the other Aquafresh products. Unless you weekly need to buy a new brush or toothpaste then you might buy it, but really nobody buys those things that often only when they run out of them. If they want allot of people to see and buy it they should place it between the candies where tons of people walk by and especially go there to buy packs of chewing gums. Also its not really a place you expect to go get chewing gums between the stuff that is good for your teeths.

The packaging is truly a superb design I really love the way it opens and closes. I might make the template of it and publish it here, because there are so many uses for that kind of opening and it just so sad to see such a great design on a product which is not sold because of the placement in the stores. I am sure this design could be altered for other packaging where you pour things out. With just a few alterations to it, it could pour out cornflakes or sprinkles.