Banana packaging / Inspired

This is a short clip of someone explaining the design god made with a banana. However I am not religious but the guy is actually explaining the essence of a good packaging design. And actually some of the things he explains we can really already use for packaging design. Watch the vid and enjoy and I will explain further under the vid.

1. Ergonomic design
We can actually easily design a packaging that have the shapes for holding and improve ergonomic for easier handling. We can already design better packaging that fits your hand better and also they are aimed on sizes for certain target market age so they won't have them too small or too large. Also in shape or material to make it more grippy and non slippery so you can hold it with the best grip.

2.Expiration indications
This is actually a quite recent developement. We can actually make packaging that would change color when the expiration date have arrived or by chemical reaction that happens when a product have gone bad it will activate the color change. In the future we will see allot of packaging using it to help people to notice something gone bad faster then that they would notice while consuming the product or after and just read the small expiration date.

3. Easy to open
This is something allot of designers miss the point that the packaging should be easy to open and also show something recognizable to open with. A tab is actually most simplest thing to show pull this to open. A good packaging should be easy to open without having to use a manual first to learn it, it should be natural easy fast like you have opened same packaging before when it is the first time.

4.Sustainable packaging
We got biodegradable packaging and also recycling to help society for a greener world. And actually the future biodegradable is going to a big thing because you have two things, those made from paper can be recycled or be biodegradable. It means if you throw it in the trash bin it would be recycled, if you litter if should not matter that much because it goes away in the manner of the nature.

5. Easy handling
Getting to open the box should be important but how to get the product out of the packaging is important too. The packaging should also provide help to use the product and not that you would need an extra tool to get the product out. Like a cardboard milk packaging which have been designed so when you open it the opening would help out making pouring milk easier. A bad packaging example are allot of toys packaging allot of the use tie wraps to hold the toys in place, so when you manage to open the packaging you always need a tool to finally cut the tie wraps to get the toys out. So a good packaging should help you to get the products out easily and not the other way around.

These point are pretty important to design a good packaging, and they have nothing to do with God but with the packaging designers. So keep this simple list in mind when you design a packaging.

Credit: to Cloudsight for uploading the vid to Youtube.