Full moon / Photgraphy

full moon
Looks like it was taken from out of space but tonight it was full moon and it was super big!!! Could see allot of details of the moon. Too bad could not get a brighter sky with good detailed moon. Also notice the moon really move fast with in a few minutes it in an other position. Also it was super bright it shines so bright I saw the shape shining through the curtains, there was really allot of light that reflected back from the moon. ALso you need a fast shutterspeed then you normally expect to use because it moves fast from very far and if your shutter is low the moon would be blurry and won't be detailed. I had my shutter speed on 1/200 which gave me a sharp moon, I tried 1/100 but all those picture have a blurry moon. Also I used my liveview to get the perfect sharpness and use a 2 second countdown shot to make sure my cam would not be moving , cause if you press the button you cam moves and can make it your picture to have a motion blur.