Infinite Aperture

This logo is an infinite loop with the shapes of aperture forming it. This logo could be used for a photographer, a lens company or any other companies that got to do with camera's or photography. For those who don't know what an aperture is it is a part inside a camera lens that can regulate how much light goes through your lens, it can also regulate the depth perception of the picture. Often you see photo's taken by professionals have a blurred background and a sharp object this is done with regulating the aperture, but you can also regulate that everything is sharp even far away. So with infinite aperture can be meaning infinite depth and have everything sharp even from a large distance.The first one you saw is the same of this logo but then made for only web use in a web 2.0 style. This one is the normal flat version which could be used for prints, because without the gradients this is much easier to print in all ways and can be use for news paper ads. This logo was sold to a German Movie Production company.