Lighthouse / Availale

Lighthouse digital logo of an abstract shaped lighthouse using facet styling, however it looks very much like an 3d low polygonal model of and lighthouse. This logo could be used for any 3d design company or games design company. Anything that got to do with 3d designs.

This logo is currently available for sale and if you are interested you can contact me about it.


awesome logo, but please explain to me the concept of "on sale", what would you do if someone recreates a vector of this logo and sells it to a big client
Chung Dha said…
Mostly if a company find this logo and likes it they can contact me so I can adapt it for their company. However if someone would make a identical copy of this design I would sue them for stealing it, cause I can prove I am the first person who designer it cause I have files with dates that would show which exist or is made first plus also the post kinda shows the date when I placed it online.
Label Design said…
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